Russia’s Most Beautiful Mosques

Russian Mosques- A Tourist Attraction The Russian mosques with their magnificent architecture and awe-inspiring design are an attraction to a multitude of tourists and locals. It speaks volumes of the tradition and culture of the Muslim society within the country. Mosques of Russia and their Architectural Beauty The Qol Sharif Mosque located in Kazan is… Read More Russia’s Most Beautiful Mosques

Spend Some Time With Nature!

The massage parlor down the street from me in Las Vegas sees some pretty interesting clients. Once in a while when I am walking my dog, I stay for a few minutes and people watch. I’ve seen skinny folks, fat folks, people with their entire bodies pierced and tattooed, and people with every hair color known to man. However, I have to say the oddest thing I have ever seen is a set of conjoined twins going in to get a nuru massage! I wonder what sort of table they put them on!??